OURSELVES . 50inx44in
OUR QUERY . 50inx44in
OUR LEADER . 50inx44in
OUR WANTS . 50inx44in
OUR DISASTERS . 50inx44in
Collin Edward White uses Google Image search results as visual data to examine our relationships to various topics. OURSELVES, OUR LEADER, OUR WANTS, and OUR DISASTERS are combinations of the top ten Google Image search results of 2018 for individual search terms. The search terms used in these works are “person”, “idiot”, “want”, and “disaster” respectively. The images from Google have not been altered; the art work is made by overlaying the images. 
OUR QUERIES combines results from “Facebook”, “Youtube”, “Google”, “You”, and “Weather”. These are the five most googled terms of 2018 in the United States. The top two results of each of these five search terms has been used.